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Post Landing Services

Post Landing Assistance

Immigration is not only about transition it involves a lot of preparation.  


  • A major step in the realization of Immigration dreams is acquiring a visa. Immigration is majorly about transition but it also involves a lot of preparation to figure out life before and after landing on one's destination. It involves sharing resources and information on all the requirements from what all things are to be considered before one packs, to finding and following the best ways to keep one's life after landing.To make sure that our clients have a great and pleasant experience in migrating, GODSPEED IMMIGRATION & STUDY ABROAD PVT. LTD. has a wide range of comprehensive settlement and placement services to help one settle in the country of their choice.


    Godspeed, in coordination with our associates, provides our clients with exclusive deals for placement and settlement. We mainly assist our clients in the process of settlement and also groom them in order to make them fit for the job market in their destination country and also help them find appropriate jobs after their landing.



    At Godspeed, all our clients are ensured with successful visa grants, as we work on all the cases with the utmost seriousness and an expert team of staff. From the initial registration through the documentation process to the final visa grants, we work sincerely and tirelessly for the best results. But our services don't end with the visa grants. We provide excellent post landing services too, in order to make our clients' abroad endeavours and life much easier. The major Post Landing Services that are offered by GODSPEED IMMIGRATION & STUDY ABROAD PVT. LTD are as follows:


    • Information about professional or licensing registration requirements
    • the list of potential employers
    • exams to be taken to obtain licence and registration in any of the countries and the effective job search techniques
    • professional licensing and registrations, and the preparation of licensing exams by experts.
    • Expert help and support with all the landing and movement assistance.
    • Airport pickup facilities.
    • Expertised help with all the documents that one needs to carry along, and show at the airport.
    • Ample information will be shared on how to reach one's hotel or accommodation arrangement from the airport.
    • We share our clients all the updated information on the driving licence process and thereby help them get their licences.
    • Sharing info on how to buy cars and other vehicles abiding by that country's laws. Information on car insurance will also be provided.
    • Detailed information on different transportation options that are available. All the information about the Travel Card, how to acquire it, etc..
    • We share information on the health card application process.
    • We offer the details of Bank account and credit card application support.


    Godspeed also provides ample Assistance in making our clients adapt to the new kind of daily life by finding for them adequate information on the major things related to their housing requirements and also

    information about the different places from where our clients can buy really cheap groceries. We also help them find good accommodation and connect them with top realtors. As for the job assistance, we Share information on important details on the different professional licensing or registration requirements and offer all the required and related help. We also share info on a comprehensive list of the prospective recruiters in their destination country.

    After our clients' landing, Godspeed provides them with ample information about how to book their airport pickup, how to book subsidised or affordable rooms, how open a Bank Account, acquire Credit Card, Driving License, Government Card, finding the best education institutes for children, getting insurance and many other necessary services, in the country of their destination and visa.

    Our extremely experienced counsellors usually organize timely and advanced orientation sessions for our clients to guide and groom them for their life abroad. We provide detailed information about their destination country, its social life and culture, the opportunities it has, its banking, health and life insurance, educational opportunities, health and related services, travelling and much more. Our Counselling sessions also provide information to our clients on the day to day job market scenario and business environment of their destination country.

    GODSPEED IMMIGRATION & STUDY ABROAD PVT. LTD has thus helped several thousands of our immigration clients to move abroad and successfully settle in their dream country, with complete ease. Our efficient team helps our clients to enjoy a hassle-free immigration experience without any doubt, with our highly appealing and professional range of both the advanced pre and post landing services.


    We make your dream journey much easier for you!!

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