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The ESIGELEC is a French public school of engineering located in Rouen. It was established in 1901. It is a part of the best French academic institutions known as Grandes écoles specialized in engineering and sciences, for its excellence in the field. The ESIGELEC school of engineering is also a university level institution with the special status, Grands établissements.

For its excellence and efficiency in the educational arena, it is ranked at the 19th position among all the other best higher education engineering schools. It is also ranked among the top 10 engineering schools preferred by majority recruiters. It is further anked as 13th among the best postgraduate engineering schools.


The ESIGELEC school of Engineering provides proper and advanced training for engineering students, in the areas of telecommunications, information technologies, information networks, embedded systems, electronics, automation and robotics, electrical engineering for transport, energy and sustainable development, biomedical engineering, mechatronics, business engineering financial engineering, etc..

Almost 25% of the courses offered are on management, languages, entrepreneurship, etc.. While over 55% is dedicated to scientific and technological courses. All the programmes are totally based on students projects, extensive practical work in modern labs, courses on project management, foreign languages and internships, etc..


With its multicultural space and the nature of the programmes ofred, it shapes an international environment linking directly with the relevant industries and offers students the possibility to develop their own both the personal and professional skills; and also prep them to be always work-ready. The ESIGELEC school of engineering holds an impressive record of 96% employability of its graduates, creating the institute's own possible future employment. The school also has more than 80 academic partnerships with various institutes and through various programmes in 42 countries. It thereby offers numerous  and a plethora of opportunities for abroad endeavours.


Top Courses in ESIGELEC, Rouen