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The Trent University in Canada in Canada is a renowned public liberal arts university located in Peterborough ( in Ontario); and was established in 1964. As a collegiate university, extends its functioning with satellite campuses at Durham, Peterborough, and Oshawa and Ontario. The Peterborough campus is spread across approximately 1,400 acres of land. The campus at Durham was opened recently, in 2020 and has been expanding ever since. The Durham campus also accommodates almost 200 residence spaces along with numerous lecture halls, classrooms and faculty offices. The Trent university is well known for its Oxbridge college system and small class sizes. Being known as one among the Canada's top universities, the Trent University Ontario holds the working objective of basing its education on the ideal of interactive learning that seems very personal, purposeful and transformative for both its student and teacher communities. The university is acknowledged nationally for its unmatched exuberance and leadership in the areas of teaching, research and student satisfaction. This makes Trent University an attractive place of excellence for students from all around the world. The acceptance rate of Trent is 33 percent, making it a selective
university. The Trent University is an inclusive, umbrella space for the student community worldwide and its campuses have seen an enrollment of around 13,000 students currently, including around 2000 international students. However, the student enrollment is low to maintain the student teacher ratio in a personalised manner.

The Trent University offers a total of around 150 undergraduate courses, 28 postgraduate courses, specialisation courses, certificate courses, undergraduate diplomas, 12 course-based masters programs, 14 thesis-based masters programs, six doctoral programs, and four post graduate diplomas- all taught with the objective focus lying with their research and experiential learning opportunities. The Students have the liberty to choose from the various Continuing Education courses that the University offers. The Trent University has various programs offered from across the faculties and areas of Arts, Business, Education, and
Science and Technology which comprise 19 individual disciplines and 8 interdisciplinary degrees. The University has a wide network of continuing education opportunities that offers its students both the personal and professional development courses and certificates including Business and Organisational Communications, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Development, and Teaching English as a Second Language. Trent University also offers the Summer Explorations in Canadian Cultures (SECC) multidisciplinary programme that allows
students to expand their knowledge of Canada. At Trent, the students can connect and collaborate with its faculty, staff and others, through diverse communities and programs that span residential colleges, classrooms, co-curricular and community-based activities, disciplines and hands-on research. Trent University provides international applicants with scholarships, grants, student jobs, and external aid. It is ranked first among the providers of scholarship in Canada. The Trent Work Study Program (TWSP) provides funding for part-time employment in Canada during the fall/winter semester for domestic students with financial needs. International students should consult the Trent International (TI) office for
work-study opportunities. Students who demonstrate a financial need and are eligible for Trent University bursary assistance are eligible for the TWSP program.

Apart from its academic arena, Trent University has over 100 student clubs and groups and over 30 international clubs, groups, and organisations for students; and extends its co-curricular leaning by having 12 varsity sports teams and 3 varsity clubs for fencing, cross country running, and golf. Across all its disciplines and co-curricular activities, the university has brought in critical, integrative thinking to its students’ lives; with the aid of its unique approach to their personal development through a supportive and collaborative community engagement. The students here have so far collaborated with various entities to excel and learn in their areas, which makes the Trent graduates more employable on an average over 90 percent- in their chosen fields. Trent University inculcates in its students
through its atmosphere, sense and values of leadership and inclusion. It is exactly this factor about this academic centre that makes it stand tall among the top universities in the whole of Canada. For its excellence in the field globally, the Trent University is ranked at 1570th, according to the US News and World Report Global University Rankings of the year 2023. It also adorns the 34th rank in Canada, among the Canadian universities.

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