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The Warsaw University of Technology is one of the leading institutes of technology in Poland which is internationally renowned and recognized and it is also one of the largest technology institute in Central Europe. It was established as a university on 15th November 1915 though its educational roots could date back to the 19th century. The university has 19 faculties dealing with and covering almost all fields of science and technology. It employs almost 2,500 teaching faculty and the enrolled full-time students would count up to nearly 36,200.

Warsaw University of Technology is basically a research intense and oriented, doctoral-level academic institution focusing primarily on undergraduate and postgraduate programs exclusively in the field of engineering and applied sciences. The Warsaw University of Technology with all its facilities, is the largest and the highest-ranking engineering university in research in the entire Poland.  The university has expanded extensively according to international appeasement with almost 120 international academic and research cooperation agreements signed with various international universities, research centers, and high-tech industries from almost 50 countries around the world including universities in Europe, the US, China, Russia, and Japan being the most prominent ones. The university offers a broad range of international and European exchange programs for numerous students, teaching staff, and researchers. It goes on to offer joint educational programs with foreign universities based on bilateral agreements and within the framework of the Erasmus Mundus program for international exchange of students, faculties, etc.

The Scholarship Fund and the Cultural Development Fund allow various activities of the Students’ Union, student organizations, and scientific research groups, providing the ground for conferences, music fests and concerts, job fairs, and other student events. Students are provided the opportunity to realize their artistic talents too. For its excellence, the Warsaw University of Technology being one of the top public universities in Poland, was ranked 521-530 in QS World University Rankings of the year 2023.